UCL Networks and Initiatives fostering diversity in STEM

A look at the UCL networks, societies and initiatives that are celebrating diversity and inclusion in science.

Author: Javier Bautista

Diversity is crucial for the advancement of ground-breaking research and several UCL networks are doing an excellent job at raising awareness of underrepresented groups in the STEM communities. In this article, we mention a series of Networks promoting diversity in STEM and related fields at UCL.


The LGBTQ+ STEM @UCL Network aspires to promote disruptive thinking in UCL postgraduate students and staff who identify as LGBTQ+ working in STEM disciplines. They aim to provide a platform for dissemination, enabling meaningful connections to be made, and organising events and socials. They are also excited to be collaborating in the organisation of the LGBTQ+ STEM Conference at UCL.

Contact: lgbtq.stem@ucl.ac.uk


UCL Women in STEM Society

UCL Women in STEM society aims to encourage diversity and inclusion within STEM disciplines. They seek to empower students by offering inspiring talks from prominent women in STEM careers, networking sessions, workshops and social events.

Contact: uclwomeninstem@gmail.com 

Facebook: @uclwomeninstem

UCL Black Doctoral Student Network

The UCL Black Doctoral Student Network is a student-led Network dedicated to providing a positive and supportive community for Black doctoral students across UCL of all heritages, regardless of their study field.

Contact: UCLBlackDocNet@live.ucl.ac.uk
Twitter: @UCLBlackDocNet

UCL LGBTQ+ Medics Network

The LGBTQ+ Medics Network is a Network created by medical students for medical students. Its aim is to create a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ medical students at UCLMS, addressing LGBTQ+ related inequalities through policy and education. They have been organising some great social events, including a film screening for World AIDS Day and raising awareness about LGBTQ+ icons.

Contact: ucl.lgbtqmedics@gmail.com
Instagram: @ucl.lgbtqmedicsnetwork 

UCL Women

UCL Women (formerly known as Women in STEM) is a grassroots networking and social organisation for academic staff (PhD students, postdocs and academics) at UCL. With a view to being as fluid and useful as possible, they organise socials and events, having recently hosted award-winning author Angela Saini for an exciting event discussing gender, race and power.

Contact: info@uclwomen.org 

Twitter: @UCLWomen


Out In Geography: UCL Geography has its own LGBTQI+ network, creating a welcoming environment in the department for all LGBTQI students and staff.

Trans in STEM (@StemTrans): Although this is a national network, one of the founders is from UCL. This is a place for transgender people in or considering pursuing STEM to connect and find representation.

Minorities In STEM (@MinoritySTEM): A UK Network promoting and supporting BAME individuals studying and working in STEM. Two of the co-founders are from UCL.

Decolonise STEM (@DecoloniseSTEM): A collective of academic activists, seeking to critically explore coloniality, privilege and power in and around STEM, and the institutions that bolster and support the colonial matrix.

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