About Us

We are Kinesis, UCL’s only life sciences magazine! We are an organisation made up of UCL students from a variety of academic backgrounds, all with a passion for the life sciences. We’re not just for scientists though – our content is broad, inclusive and exciting, so there’s content for everyone, no matter your department.

All artwork on the website and in the magazine is original content produced by UCL students.

Can I join?

Anyone can join as long as you have a can-do attitude and are enthusiastic about science! We have roles for writers, editors, artists, illustrators and more, so just get in touch via our email or Facebook page. If you’re a UCL student and you want to be involved in the magazine, you’ll need to buy membership via our UCLU webpage.

The Committee

The Committee is made up of students from degrees as diverse as Biochemistry, Medicine, Human Sciences and English Literature! But what we all have in common is our passion for interesting and accessible science communication.

President: Maddie Wigmore-Sykes
Treasurer: Nitya Mahajan 
Managing Editor: Karolay Lorenty
Copy Editor: Rupali Dabas
Web Editor: Zohar Mendzelevski-Steinberg
Creative Editor: Rupali Dabas
Social Sec: Iona Jenkins
Welfare Officer: Elly Chaw
Community Outreach Officer: Rachel Rubinsohn